Episode 50: Sober Is Fun with Martyn Davies

Episode 50 June 28, 2023 00:44:10
Episode 50: Sober Is Fun with Martyn Davies
Recovery Plus Podcast: F*ck Yesterday, Focus on Today
Episode 50: Sober Is Fun with Martyn Davies

Jun 28 2023 | 00:44:10


Show Notes

Join Recovery Plus Podcast host, Dr. Mei-Li Hennen for her 50th episode!

This episode includes an inspiring conversation with Martyn Davies as he shares his remarkable journey of redefining entertainment without the need for alcohol or substances. In this episode, Martyn opens up about his initial fascination with the rock 'n roll lifestyle, having envy of his older brother living that life, and yearning for a taste of that world. However, he soon discovered the dark underbelly of the music industry, realizing that alcohol and drugs were deeply intertwined with the entertainment scene.

Martyn candidly discusses his own 27-year battle with addiction and the immense challenges he faced while striving to achieve sobriety. He emphasizes that the road to recovery is rarely a straightforward path, highlighting the obstacles he encountered along the way that included loss of relationships, loss of money, a suicide attempt, a family intervention, and a stint in rehab.

Now, 5.5 years sober from alcohol, drugs, and gambling, Martyn's story takes a positive turn. Drawing from his 17-year experience in the entertainment sector as a stand-up comedy booker, he successfully launched the UK's first alcohol-free comedy club, known today as The London Alcohol-Free Comedy Club. Additionally, Martyn actively engages in the community, volunteering his time at various charities, and a treatment center, raising awareness about alcohol and addiction.

Tune in to this episode and discover how Martyn has reintroduced joy and fun into the sober lifestyle, proving that sobriety can be a source of incredible enjoyment and laughter.

Upcoming shows at the Backyard Comedy Club in London, sponsored by Sober Is Fun:

More about Martyn:

Linktree:  https://linktr.ee/Soberisfun

IG: @soberisfunuk

Website:  https://soberisfun.co.uk

Email:  [email protected]

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