Episode 45: Sober in Central Park with Rachel Hechtman

Episode 45 May 03, 2023 00:51:47
Episode 45:  Sober in Central Park with Rachel Hechtman
Recovery Plus Podcast: F*ck Yesterday, Focus on Today
Episode 45: Sober in Central Park with Rachel Hechtman

May 03 2023 | 00:51:47


Show Notes

Rachel Hechtman had her first drink when she was 14. Alcohol quickly became a crutch and a way to numb the pain of her childhood traumas, her parents’ divorce, the onset of her anxiety/depression.  It provided the escape she was always searching for. 

Rachel’s drinking increased in her teen’s requiring repeating sophomore year at a boarding school.  She was then diagnosed with ADHD which was life-changing as she always felt she was different.  However, boarding school helped Rachel focus and she excelled academically, and got into Dartmouth College. 

At Dartmouth, drinking was normal and expected.  Unfortunately, partying turned into violence.  Rachel was sexually assaulted and then experienced other traumatic events, culminating in excessive drinking and drug abuse.  Rachel’s 20’s was a dark period in her life.

After graduating Dartmouth College, now in her 30’s, Rachel stopped “partying”, however, was stuck in a cycle of drinking after work, doing Happy Hours, getting a horrible night’s sleep,  waking up feeling like crap, poor eating habits,  and having no motivation to exercise. 

On January 3, 2021, Rachel decided to try Dry January…something had to change.  She was the heaviest she had ever been, unemployed, no motivation, and in a relationship that had long expired and her anxiety and paranoia were at an all-time high.

Rachel is now two years, plus alcohol free and her entire life has drastically changed in the most magical and amazing way!  Improving her mental health, physical well-being, to include a spiritual awareness.

Quitting alcohol was the best decision she has ever made. Rachel is eternally grateful that she put myself first and broke the vicious and toxic trap drinking created in her life.

As Rachel continues to work through her past traumas and recover out loud, her goal is to share her story in hopes of helping others who are suffering in silence.

Now, Rachel is an alcohol-free event consultant and content creator of Sober In Central Park. She is a multifaceted entrepreneur who wears many hats in the world of FUN sober living. Rachel provides a wide-range of services for people looking to create fun, engaging booze-free events that promote community and connection. Her expertise in event planning stems from her career in nonprofit philanthropy and events.

Rachel is also a talented social media content creator. Her posts on Instagram showcase the beautiful reality of an alcohol-free lifestyle, inspiring others to embrace the many benefits of sobriety.

She is a leading voice in the growing movement of alcohol-free social media content creators, and her work has helped to normalize and glamorize the idea that you can have a fun and fulfilling social life without alcohol. Rachel is currently recording the first season of her new podcast.

More information about Rachel:

Website:  https://www.soberincentralpark.com

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/soberincentralpark

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/soberincentralpark

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