Episode 46: Beating Addiction with William Kemm

Episode 46 May 10, 2023 00:49:38
Episode 46:  Beating Addiction with William Kemm
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Episode 46: Beating Addiction with William Kemm

May 10 2023 | 00:49:38


Show Notes

William Kemm was diagnosed with childhood leukemia at the young age of 10, which meant he had to endure radiation, painful chemotherapy treatments, and even morphine. Throughout this challenging time, his mother was his rock - not only providing him with the medical care he needed, but also serving as his best friend and constant source of support.  One night after treatment, William and his brother suffered injuries when their mother fell asleep at the wheel, causing a fatal accident that ejected William from the car. Tragically, William's mother did not survive the crash.  William's life took another dramatic turn and became more challenging, causing him to skip school, smoke weed, and drink alcohol. These harmful behaviors soon became a regular part of his life, leading to a devastating 24-year battle with addiction and health issues.


During this period, William had to go through seven detox facilities and five treatment centers, and he was in and out of jail, struggling with homelessness. Despite the odds stacked against him, William managed to turn his life around and achieve five years of sobriety. He proudly claims to have "recovered and beaten addiction."  William has now found a new direction in life and is working with Elite Dynamic Life, a renowned holistic health and life coaching company. He is determined to continue his journey of healing and inspire others to do the same.

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