Episode 52: A Son’s Addiction and Death by Suicide: A Mother’s Healing Journey with Barbara Legere

Episode 52 July 26, 2023 00:52:53
Episode 52: A Son’s Addiction and Death by Suicide: A Mother’s Healing Journey with Barbara Legere
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Episode 52: A Son’s Addiction and Death by Suicide: A Mother’s Healing Journey with Barbara Legere

Jul 26 2023 | 00:52:53


Show Notes

Join Dr. Mei-Li Hennen as she engages in a heartfelt conversation with her next guest, Barbara Legere, an extraordinary author and advocate who has transformed personal tragedy into a powerful mission to uplift and support others. Barbara's journey as a single parent navigating her son Keven's battle with substance use disorder and depression was marked by immense challenges. Unfortunately, her world was shattered by the devastating loss of her son to substance use disorder, depression, and ultimately death by suicide.

Barbara found strength in turning her grief into a catalyst for change through her book, "Keven's Choice," which bravely shares her heartbreaking story. She sheds light on the realities of mental health struggles, addiction, and the aftermath of suicide, providing solace to those who have experienced similar tragedies.

In this episode, Barbara courageously discusses "grief brain," a phenomenon often overlooked. Similar to a brain injury, it manifests as cognitive difficulties and altered mental functioning during an extended period of grief. Through her insights, Barbara emphasizes the importance of compassion and support for those grappling with this invisible struggle.

Barbara's dedication to advocacy is evident in her book, "Talk to Me I'm Grieving," where she breaks down barriers surrounding grief, offering practical advice and compassionate insights on supporting those who are grieving. Her work exemplifies the potential for healing and transformation in the face of darkness. Join us as we explore Barbara's inspiring journey and discover the power of empathy and understanding in the midst of grief.

More about Barbara:

Check out Barbara’s website to purchase her moving and insightful books!


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