Episode 17: Alcohol Tipping Point with Deb Masner

Episode 17 October 12, 2022 00:43:59
Episode 17: Alcohol Tipping Point with Deb Masner
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Episode 17: Alcohol Tipping Point with Deb Masner

Oct 12 2022 | 00:43:59


Show Notes

Deb Masner is the founder of the Alcohol Tipping Point - a place to find free resources, tools, and tips to help you change your drinking. Deb runs 30 Day Dry Months where she helps people practice not drinking.

She's a registered nurse, certified Health and Wellness Coach, SMART recovery facilitator, podcast host, and alcohol-free badass.

For more information about Deb:

websiteInstagram and podcast.

Contact her at [email protected]

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