Episode 29: Fitness and flow beyond the depression with Alex Wisch

Episode 29 January 04, 2023 00:49:40
Episode 29: Fitness and flow beyond the depression with Alex Wisch
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Episode 29: Fitness and flow beyond the depression with Alex Wisch

Jan 04 2023 | 00:49:40


Show Notes

Alex Wisch is a leading Peak Human Performance and Executive "Flow" Coach. He has worked with top industry leaders to optimize their businesses, maximize their productivity, create sustainable performance, improve their health, and elevate their leadership skills. In addition, he has helped companies turn ideas into multi-million-dollar revenue-producing opportunities, along with assisting large corporations to target strategic partnerships and investors.

Prior to Alex’s successes, he battled over 8 years of crippling Major Depression that left him on disability, unemployed, and penniless. Doctors told him he should accept his situation and move on because they believed there was little hope he would get better. With a lot of grit, Alex defied the odds and soared out of the ashes into a life filled with unique accomplishments.

Outside of business, Alex is an outspoken mental health advocate. He does yearly fitness feats to raise awareness and money for mental health. In May 2021, Alex wore a 24 lbs. vest and completed 1000 pull-ups, 2000 push-ups, and 3000 squats in 6 hours and 8 minutes, while raising $37,000. In May of 2023, Alex is planning to break the world record for most vertical feet rock climbed in 24 hours, being over 29,130 feet. Once again, his goal is to raise awareness around the stigma of mental illness and raise money for veterans' mental health.


More on Alex:

Website: WischFit.com
LinkedIn: alexwisch

Instagram: @wisch.fit

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