Episode 54: It’s Not A Drinking Problem, It’s A Thinking Problem with Dr. Robb Kelly

Episode 54 September 13, 2023 01:02:12
Episode 54: It’s Not A Drinking Problem, It’s A Thinking Problem with Dr. Robb Kelly
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Episode 54: It’s Not A Drinking Problem, It’s A Thinking Problem with Dr. Robb Kelly

Sep 13 2023 | 01:02:12


Show Notes

Dr. Robb Kelly, PhD is a sought-after neuroscience and positive psychology expert who believes that rewiring the brain can lead to positive and lasting change in a person’s life. 

Dr. Kelly has appeared on such shows as The Doctors, Eye Opener, Good Morning Texas, and Kens5 morning news.  A frequent contributor to radio and print interviews including The Jim Bohannon show, Miracles in Recovery, USA Today, and participated in McLean Hospital’s (Harvard Medical School) study on the stigma associated with mental illness. Dr. Kelly hosted Sober Celebs show on KLIF radio in Dallas, and currently hosts the Breaking Through Addiction podcast featuring special guests discussing a variety of mental health issues.

Dr. Kelly created Let’s Get Back to 98% Recovery DVDs used in prisons and recovery treatment centers throughout the US. He has lectured on addiction, trauma and mental wellness at high-profile universities, national conferences, treatment facilities, public schools, churches, business organizations and hospitals. Dr Kelly is currently the CEO of the Robb Kelly Recovery Group, a transformation coaching company he created based on extensive research and behavior studies conducted over the past 20 years. Dr. Kelly shares his personal highs and lows as he struggled and overcame crippling alcoholism and mental illness in the November 2019 release of the book “Daddy, Daddy Please Stop Drinking”. 

Professional Credentials:

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More about Dr. Robb Kelly and his upcoming September 22nd & 23rd  The Neuro Hero Conference in Boca Raton, Florida:

If you need a 10-15 min consult with Dr. Robb Kelly – refer to this podcast and call # 214-600-0210.

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