Episode 55: Addiction, Prison, and a Bond Between Father and Son

Episode 55 September 27, 2023 01:06:52
Episode 55: Addiction, Prison, and a Bond Between Father and Son
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Episode 55: Addiction, Prison, and a Bond Between Father and Son

Sep 27 2023 | 01:06:52


Show Notes

Tune in to our inspiring podcast episode featuring Ken Guidroz, a former pastor and retirement plan expert with over two decades of experience. Discover how his life took a dramatic turn as a parent, facing unimaginable heartbreak when all his children battled substance abuse simultaneously. In the face of tragedy, when one son's actions led to incarceration, Ken found a unique channel for healing—writing heartfelt letters to his son.   These letters between father and son not only transformed their relationship, but also became the cornerstone of his moving book, “Letters to My Son in Prison: How a Father and Son Found Forgiveness for an Unforgivable Crime.”

Join us as Ken shares his profound journey towards reconnection, forgiveness, and rediscovery of faith beyond the boundaries of religion. Learn how he and his wife navigated the storm, preserving their marriage amidst the trials. This episode is a testament to the power of love, resilience, and the healing potential of genuine connection and making a goal to not be an asshole. 

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