Episode 34: No Addict Left Behind with Joey Pagano

Episode 34 February 08, 2023 00:58:51
Episode 34:  No Addict Left Behind with Joey Pagano
Recovery Plus Podcast: F*ck Yesterday, Focus on Today
Episode 34: No Addict Left Behind with Joey Pagano

Feb 08 2023 | 00:58:51


Show Notes

Welcome to Episode 34 of the Recovery Plus Podcast: F*ck Yesterday, Focus on Today!

Joey Pagano is a Recovery Cowboy making a difference. Joey wears many hats: a professor, a drug and alcohol therapist and supervisor, a speaker, a veteran, a husband, a father, and an author of an upcoming book!

No addict left behind: It’s a Recovery Medicine State of Mind available on April 25, 2023. 

Joey has been in recovery for almost a decade. His recovery has led him to get an MSW, LSW, and CRS. Joey is also an educator and is currently pursuing his Doctorate of Social Work (DSW), where he finds the time, which is remarkable!

Joey also shares how his mother and father never gave up despite watching their son suffer from 22 years of addiction.  He described his addiction as a hell he carried. He states, “addiction was a drill sergeant constantly giving orders to the point where I was ready to take my life.” He literally asked to be arrested at the police station to stop him from killing himself.

He added, “I showed up for duty every day at the beat of the drum of addiction, without a lot of hope”  Now, Joey talks about the importance of self-care, and how he continues to work on himself.  Joey is definitely a force of nature and has found his purpose – which is to help people. His hell no longer exists.

Take a listen to Joey’s recovery journey and how he has channeled his pain, into hope.

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Book Coming Soon: No Addict Left Behind available April 25, 2023, on Amazon

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