Episode 35: Beating Disaster with Carrie Conrad

Episode 35 February 22, 2023 00:48:58
Episode 35: Beating Disaster with Carrie Conrad
Recovery Plus Podcast: F*ck Yesterday, Focus on Today
Episode 35: Beating Disaster with Carrie Conrad

Feb 22 2023 | 00:48:58


Show Notes

Carrie describes her story as almost being sober and in recovery by accident.  Before her successes, Carrie has experienced domestic violence, abuse, addiction, lost businesses and homes, has had chronic health problems and was a single parent with a special needs child, but somehow remained on her feet.

Her journey began in martial arts. Unfortunate life experience led to her passion of teaching karate to evolve into the study of violence prevention, psychology, communication and even bodyguard training– among other related topics - in order to better prepare and empower women and children to avoid and escape the real dangers of the world.

After working in the self-defense industry for over a decade, her efforts transitioned into ensuring moms have access to what they really need to know to keep them and their kids safe as well as confidently raise their children to be PREPARED to thrive in today's world. This lead to the creation of the Mama Bear PREPARED online course and most recently, the Mama Bear PREPARED Facebook group.


Though she still enjoys teaching Kenpo karate, most of her time is spent in further training and learning as well as sharing information with private groups or at conferences, providing various forms of self-defense or related training, or giving personal instruction and coaching for families with specific safety related concerns. 


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