Episode 27: Breaking addiction with 100 movies, in 100 days with Ted Perkins

Episode 27 December 21, 2022 00:57:21
Episode 27: Breaking addiction with 100 movies, in 100 days with Ted Perkins
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Episode 27: Breaking addiction with 100 movies, in 100 days with Ted Perkins

Dec 21 2022 | 00:57:21


Show Notes

Can watching movies about addiction and recovery help people kick the habit? That’s what Hollywood veteran Ted Perkins set out to discover as he battled against his own stubborn drinking problem. Barricaded in a bedroom with nothing more than an iTunes movie account, microwave popcorn and Diet Coke, he watched 100 movies in 100 days. And it worked. Thanks to the magic and power of story he was able to see his addiction in a radical new light and follow a non-traditional yet highly effective path towards successful recovery. 

Ted Perkins is the author of the book, “Addicted in Film, Movies we love about the habits we hate, and how they can help anyone recover successfully and lead a happier life”.  In his book, Ted discusses how his Top 25 Best (and worst) films about addiction and recovery not only helped save his life, but also shares what vital lessons they may teach others in recovery, their loved ones, or the wider addiction recovery community in general.


Ted Perkins is a former Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Studio executive, university lecturer, public speaker, Hollywood producer, virtual reality entrepreneur, and successful working film and TV series screenwriter. He volunteers his time as an addiction and recovery YouTube personality, sobriety mentor, and has helped thousands of people on their recovery journey through his blogs, videos and weekly SMART Recovery meetings. Ted has lived and worked in over 50 countries, and now resides in Los Angeles.


He shares his story with humor, insight, and heart. 


Take a listen.



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