Episode 22: Chill out, and take a f*cking breath, with Suz Giddens

Episode 22 November 16, 2022 00:55:32
Episode 22: Chill out, and take a f*cking breath, with Suz Giddens
Recovery Plus Podcast: F*ck Yesterday, Focus on Today
Episode 22: Chill out, and take a f*cking breath, with Suz Giddens

Nov 16 2022 | 00:55:32


Show Notes

Suz Giddens is a Breathwork Facilitator, Energy/Mindset Coach, Author, Speaker, and sometimes Adventure Seeker. Many years ago, as a leader in biotechnology, Suz found her passion in coaching. Suz originally started as a leadership and career coach. Today, Suz’s coaching feels more like an experience in whole body work. Suz blends techniques from unconscious and energy work, melded with mindset coaching and breathwork.  

Suz contributes her passion for coaching to a saying her grandfather always believed. “Pay it Forward” so that’s what Suz does through her coaching and breathwork practice.

Suz shares that many amazing people have held her hands and guided her as she’s healed and shifted to a life she loves.  Now, in turn, Suz pay’s it forward. She holds space and guides amazing humans to take powerful, intentional actions to empower themselves and create a life they deeply desire.

More about Suz:


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