Episode 5: Michele Rose - The Big Trap, Just One Last High!

Episode 5 July 20, 2022 00:36:47
Episode 5:  Michele Rose - The Big Trap, Just One Last High!
Recovery Plus Podcast: F*ck Yesterday, Focus on Today
Episode 5: Michele Rose - The Big Trap, Just One Last High!

Jul 20 2022 | 00:36:47


Show Notes

Michele Rose is T. Rose, author, activist, business woman, and is a fierce advocate for recovery. She brings a lifetime of study experience to her research and writing, some of the most dramatic learning she received came from the ten years living on the streets in addiction. Twenty years in recovery, Michele Rose, has completely built a life that she can be proud of; she also runs a non-profit, a homeowner, mother of a daughter and son, along with five grandchildren. Life is a dream come true from the very dark reality that once was her world. 


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