Episode 8: Building Boundaries in Recovery with Meghan DeVito

Episode 8 August 10, 2022 00:40:45
Episode 8: Building Boundaries in Recovery with Meghan DeVito
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Episode 8: Building Boundaries in Recovery with Meghan DeVito

Aug 10 2022 | 00:40:45


Show Notes

Meghan started a full-blown alcohol addiction at the age of 15. She started recovery at the age of 25 after entering rehab.  Meghan now has almost 18 years of long-term sobriety.


Her personal experience getting sober and starting recovery has been an incredible journey.


She experienced very painful times, especially when she was getting healthy, and family members were not. Meghan learned the importance of boundary setting, while putting recovery first and instilling self-love.


Meghan is a Life Coach focusing on boundary setting, breaking generational cycles, and how to starve distractions.  For more information, please see below:



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